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AT&T Central Office—Plano, IL

The job was to take a 1950’s building with two foot thick walls, located underground, houses emergency telephone equipment, and is capable to withstand a nuclear blast and upgrade it.

The job called for adding new telephone equipment in addition to the existing equipment which was not designed to handle the additional load. Add to this, the original mechanical equipment which was still working had to be replaced. The existing temperature control system, required replacement with more contemporary technology.

Another concern was the building did not have any city water service and the existing fire protection system was not big enough to handle anything anymore. Plus the electrical system was maxed out and the main transformer was in need of replacement. But no system can be shut down. Not ever.

List of Accomplishments

  • Completed the project on time and under budget.
  • Upgraded aged mechanical, electrical, plumbing, temperature control, fire detection, and fire protection systems.
  • Installed temporary chiller and generator plants.
  • Coordinated all trades and successfully managed the project and achieved no service outages of any kind.
  • Effectively saw cut through 2 foot reinforced concrete walls.
  • Value engineered all the mechanical, electrical plumbing and temperature control costs to come in under budget.

Project Highlights:

  • Building built to withstand a nuclear blast.
  • Old systems need to be replaced.
  • Cannot disturb or disrupt any emergency system during construction
  • Access underground a large problem
  • Massive system structures able to withstand a blast proves difficult to work with