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Turning a Sows Ear Into a Jeweled Silk Purse
Alan Rocca Custom Jewelry

On the site of a old gas station that was demolished by a prior Contractor, and a year to get the building shell up, the building Owner, frustrated with the results and building quality, called LCC for help. When LCC assumed the project, it was discovered the basement floor had to be re-done to meet Owner changes. Many other changes had to be made as well. LCC assumed the existing sub-contractors on the job and then began the task of sorting out the problems and issues with the interior construction. Going through two architects, and two mechanical engineers, and installing high end custom millwork designed in the Missionary style, with long lead times, LCC was able to complete this high end and complex project within eight months.

The key points on this successfully completed project:

  • Old Gas station
  • 15,000 sf new building
  • Assumed project under construction
  • Problem interiors
  • Assumed existing subcontractors
  • 8 month completion
  • $2.0 million project

Highlights of Project:

  • Accepted all sub-contractor contracts held by the Owner, to move the job forward.
  • Rejected poor quality work and cooperated with architects and engineers to correct problems.
  • Assumed control of custom material long lead times and successfully managed on time deliveries.
  • Revised the project schedule by setting achievable and realistic goals.
  • Assessed all costs and reduced expenditures where necessary.
  • Managed and coordinated all new work to complete the project.
  • Administered and organized all paperwork for the Owner, to insure on time project completion.
  • Installed an under ground pneumatic tube system for a bank drive through.