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Job Order Contracting (JOC)

Job Order Contracting (JOC) is a way for organizations to get numerous, commonly encountered construction projects done quickly and easily through multi-year contracts. JOC reduces unnecessary levels of engineering, design, and contract procurement time along with construction project procurement costs by awarding long-term contracts for a wide variety of renovation, repair and construction projects.

With an emphasis on partnering and team work between owners and contractors, JOC provides the methodology to execute a wide variety of indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity, fixed price, multiple simultaneous orders for renovation, rehabilitation and repair work for large facilities and infrastructures.

JOC contractors are selected on qualifications and performance at a best value or low price or low bid depending on local, state or federal statutes. JOC is about performance, reliability, dependability and quality. At the same time, JOC is about results and working within budget and time constraints. The JOC contractor provides “on call” construction services from concept to close-out.

JOC today has more than a 25-year record of implementation within the Defense Department. Currently, there are hundreds of successful contracts going by the JOC name or by its counterparts of Delivery Order Contracting (DOC), Task Order Contracting (TOC) and Simplified Acquisition of Base Engineering Requirements (SABER).

JOC deployment hasn’t remained solely federal. The JOC concept and principles have been further embraced in all areas of publicly funded state facilities, universities, housing authorities, transportation agencies, and school systems. Not only public sector but also private sector facility owners are expanding the use and implementation of the JOC procurement system.

LCC's Job Order Contracting Program Highlights:

  • Quick turn around in pricing, awarding and construction
  • Build long term relationships
  • Small jobs eliminate A/E services
  • Works begins immediately
  • LCC has completed 100's of JOC projects to date ranging from $10,000 to $500,000.

An LCC & USPS Job Order Contracting Success Story:

LCC performed the removal and replacing of the concrete topping of the truck dock at the United States Postal Facility in Wheaton, Illinois. Our Job Order Contracting (JOC) agreement with USPS was utilized. All the work was conducted during the busiest time of the year for the US Post Office – the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. The work was phased to allow for the continuous business operations.

USPS Wheaton JOC Image USPS Wheaton JOC Image